Frequently asked questions

What is the key to the success of the app?

Gaining critical mass of sign ups and venues

We live in a town that relies on tourism. How does the App help track capacities when a large % of people arent from the area and have never heard of the App? Is it therefore only tracking local people that are out and about?

We will never track people unless requested to do so by NHS track and trace of a relevant government body. People will be encouraged to sign up to a suite of app in development by various organisations. The hope is that these will cross pollinate. Helping to gain critical mass.

How long will COVID-19 Track and Trace requirement be needes?

The situation is very fluid at the moment with requirements changing in real-time but we expect for track and trace to be needed well into 2021

How is my data protected and does CAPP comply with GDPR laws?

Yes, your data will never be shared with any outside party unless there is a track and trace command from a relevant government body. CAPP fully complies with GDPR laws and is here to protect your data. One sign up and you don’t have to give your details again to participating venues.